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Thank you for your interest in DM Systems' products. To request a free sample, please use the form below.


After we receive the form, a representative will follow up with you to confirm your information and discuss our products with you. Every sample will include an evaluation form. We value your feedback and ask that after trialing the sample you return the evaluation form to DM Systems.



Download this article
to see the results of the first published
RCT on heel pressure relief.


Please choose which DM wound care product sample you would like to receive.

Heelift® Glide Standard - Convoluted Foam (#6453)
Heelift® Glide Standard - Smooth Foam (#6279)
Heelift® Glide Petite - Convoluted Foam (#6484)
Heelift® Glide Petite - Smooth Foam (#6477)
Heelift® Glide Bariatric - Smooth Foam (#6460)

Heelift® Standard - Convoluted Foam (#9348)
Heelift® Standard - Smooth Foam (#9164)
Heelift® Petite - Convoluted Foam (#7603)
Heelift® Petite - Smooth Foam (#9041)
Heelift® Bariatric - Smooth Foam (#7702)

Heelift® AFO - Convoluted Foam (#8204)
Heelift® AFO - Smooth Foam (#8105)

Heelift® Traction Boot - Smooth Foam (#9321)

Elbowlift® Suspension Pad (#9000)

HeelSafe™ DVT Hose - Knee (Medium size hose will be sent as a sample unless specified below.)
HeelSafe™ DVT Hose - Thigh (Medium size hose will be sent as a sample unless specified below.)

        Please specify which HeelSafe™ DVT Hose size you prefer:

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